If you are wondering why the sudden noise around eye health and blue light? Well, it is 2021 and eye health is no joke. 

Our dependability on screens are increasing every minute making digital eye strain, insomnia and other serious health issues a blue reality.

So whether you are at work or a gaming enthusiast spending hours playing League of Legends , eye protection is necessary. 

This is where awareness and a simple product like gaming glasses can make you a cool boss and help you level up your eye game. 

Because someone rightly said, “Life is a game, all you have to do, is know how to play it.” 

But why do gamers need glasses?

Gamers and e-sports competitors usually spend long hours in dark room looking at screens (read: high energy blue light) which can - 

  1. Disrupt melatonin production and sleep patterns.
  2. Cause retinal damage, cataracts, and Macular degeneration.
  3. Exhaust their eyes.
  4. Decrease visual acuity and make focusing difficult.
  5. Lead to depression, neurotoxin buildup, and increased risk of disease.

What do gaming glasses do?

Gaming glasses are just like computer glasses. Designed for people who play games - online and offline, Ottika Canada’s high quality gaming glasses offer you -

  1. Blue light protection - Gaming glasses come with tinted lenses to filter and balance the blue light being emitted from the digital devices. While blue-light lenses block around 35-50% of blue light, amber-tinted lenses can block up to 75-85% of blue light.
  2. Anti-reflective coating - Fast paced games do bring in thrill but also strain and glare. Gaming glasses come with AR coated lenses which result in easier eye focusing, improved color contrast and quicker reaction times.
  3. Slight magnification - To further reduce squinting, eye strain and improve clarity, there might be a slight magnification power built into your gamer glasses. Think of this as a full-time “zoom-in” button. But don't worry, it won't hinder your normal vision.

Still not sure? Well, gamers usually invest in hi-tech equipment. So if you are as serious about your eye health as you are about gaming, invest in a good pair of Ottika Canada's glasses and enjoy those 6 hours of World of Warcraft raid runs with bright eyes. Happy gaming !