4 reasons why blue light blocking reading progressive glasses are workstation essential?

In today's world, multitasking is no more a luxury. Everything needs to be done, at once - The zoom call meeting, helping your child finish the homework, driving to the supermarket.

And while we are busy donning many hats, the last thing we want is to be fiddling between different glasses. After all, digital eye strain not only leads to dry, heavy eyes but also headaches, disorientation and insomnia. 


Here are 4 reasons how blue light blocking reading progressive glasses can help you save time, money, mental and digital strain

(Sounds too good to be true, trust us, it is just the tip of the iceberg)


  1. No hassle of carrying different glasses - As we age, our eyes start getting tired. We need different glasses for different purposes. The blue light blocking reading progressive glasses is an intelligent investment and option to make life less strenuous for the eyes muscles that are constantly adjusting to near, far and intermediate distances.


  1. No sticky eyes or blurred vision - With our average screen touching a whopping 11 hours a day, computer vision syndrome is no more for nerds glued to their laptop. Looking at a close target over a prolonged duration and blue light causes dryness or that itchy feeling of sand in the eye. Using blue light blocking reading progressive glasses will not only soothe your eyes and not let them tire soon.


  1. Perfect for home and office use - The stylish blue light blocking reading progressive glasses not only give you a youthful look but also a comfortable, clear vision up to several meters. So whether you are cooking, reading or doing desk work - These progressive glasses save you from blurriness around the edges, image distortion, headaches or nausea.


  1. No neck and back strain - If you are averse to technology and still think a bi-focal, trifocal lens is the way to be, trust us not only will you end up harming your eyes, sleeping pattern but also your posture. Constantly shifting between your focus will tire you easily and eventually decrease your productivity.


If you still think blue light blocking reading progressive glasses is more of a fad than necessity - use them once and thank us forever.